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Dictionary English - Hindi 1.0

A simple English - Hindi dictionary with a large database of common words
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Solpro Technologies

Dictionary English - Hindi is a program designed by Solpro Technologies. This program will help you translate English words into the Hindi language. All that you need to do is to enter a word - and it will be translated. The program contains a large database of all common words. A certain advantage of this dictionary is that it will show you the different meanings of any word you want to translate - i.e. the program will show some definitions that explain the word you want to translate further, and these definitions will be in English. If you enter a word that can be used as a different part of speech, for example, as either a noun or verb, the program will show you different definitions for this word being a noun and verb.
This dictionary will not only translate English words to Hindi, but will also show you all the other related English words that contain the same letters of the word you have typed in. You will be able to know the meaning of any of these related words, but it will not be translated to the Hindi language.

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